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About Us

Commercial Lighting (Victoria) P/L is a leading lighting solutions provider, serving the building construction industry & residential homes development group across Australia. Our company have more than 20 years of experience in the lighting industry.

Our clients include Porter Davis, Carlisle Homes, PACE development, Hamilton Marino and many others. Our electrical company partners are  Switch Electrical, ANE Electrical & GFS Electrical services, L+O technologies to name a few. Our client management team work closely with clients to provide the most up to date solutions.

Our products cover full range of light fittings such as general domestic LED down light, interior and exterior wall light, LED strip light. Our new variant, Lumiere Lighting provides cutting edge lighting range for high-end projects and customers seeking for the best in quality.

At Commercial Lighting, we keep our promises and provide product with guaranteed quality. We are committed to our customer service and have a sales force with over 20 years of lighting knowledge.

Our business strive to provide our customers value by offering them the most competitive prices in the market. By helping our customers obtain the best prices, we can make a real change.

At Commercial Lighting, we are open minded and flexible to adapt to our customers needs enabling us to provide tailored solutions that are right for every specific customer and project.

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We supply full range solutions for your lighting requirements.

It doesn’t matter if you are building domestic houses, working on high rise buildings, designing lighting for a new plan or have an idea for a lighting product – We can help you to achieve your goals in the most economical way.

With our extensive industry experience and manufacturing channels, we can help you solve all your lighting and electrical needs.

Contact us now for a detailed discussion for solutions you need.