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Benefits of Exterior Wall Lights

Outdoor lighting has been a necessity since the beginning of the electric bulb. Previously, when people used candles and other lighting elements powered by fire, it was tricky to have a consistent light outdoors. People need lighting at night. There are many benefits of having outdoor lights, so it has become a necessity that is just a choice. Exterior wall lights make a whole different setup when homeowners lighten them up. Apart from benefits, there is a need for outdoor lights. There are different types of outdoor lights like hanging lamps and wall lights, LED lights and regular lights. Nowadays, people like to have LED lights outdoors.

Purpose of Using Outdoor Lights?

The primary concern is to light up the space when there are no natural lights. It is easy to navigate and identify places in the daytime, but it will be difficult to do regular chores at night if it is dark outdoors. The primary purpose of using outdoor lights was to navigate through the lanes. Having wall lights around the doorbell will help your visitor get into the right house. Having street lamps helps to navigate through the road. People prefer LED lights over regular lights for many reasons, but using outdoor lights has become necessary.

Benefits of Having Outdoor Lights?

Having outdoor lights brings in lots of benefits. Apart from navigating the streets, it has made the roads safe for all. Criminals would not prefer to expose themselves by committing the crime in the proper light. So having street lights is necessary for everyone’s safety. Apart from that, you should have outdoor lights at home as well. You will not know who is entering your house if it is dark outside. Since many owners set up close circuit cameras almost everywhere, having outdoor lights at home will save you from many dangers. Even if you are not at home and don’t want others to know about it, you can also turn on outdoor lights.

Different Types of Outdoor Lights

Since the invention of the electric bulb, people have been using lights in multipurpose ways. Now people like to have LED wall lights. That is because they are efficient and look better than regular lights. But there are different types of exterior wall lights and also hanging lights. So choose the lights that meet your requirements.

LED Lights or Regular Lights, Which is Better?

Pillar Adjustable 2-light Exterior Wall Light Titanium 2xGU10People nowadays prefer LED lights over anything because of the benefits they get. LED lights are brighter than regular lights. They are long-lasting. A standard bulb will not be that bright or serve longer than an LED light. On the other hand, LED lights consume less power, making it easy. Maintaining LED lights is very easy, so people prefer it over regular lights.

Do Wall Light Fixtures Matter?

When it comes to outdoor lights, the fixtures play an essential role. If the fixture material is suitable for the weather, it is good. When it comes to exterior wall-mounted light fixtures, you can always choose different styles of fixtures that match your home décor and aesthetics and match the temperature outside. Most wall lights have a metal base and glass or fibre cover to the light bulb. The metal base has to be metal that does not oxidize with air. Even the finish of the foundation also matters. If the wall light has a matte black finish, it is suitable for almost every space. 

Exterior Wall Lights or Hanging Lights, Which is Better?

When it comes to outdoor lights, the first thing that comes to mind is choosing between wall lights and hanging lights. Every homeowner most prefers exterior wall mount lights as it is easy to install anywhere at home. If they make the house so, it is suitable for hanging lights; otherwise, wall lights are the favourite. On the other hand, using a hanging light will require a ceiling and a holder. Therefore, wall lights are the most preferred outdoor light of every home.

Using Outdoor Lights for Decoration

Though outdoor lights have become necessary, people only use some lights for decoration purposes. For example, a 5-star property would have some spotlights focusing on the beauty of the building. On occasions, homes and streets are decorated with lights to make the space look festive.

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Available Products

Helsinki Up/Down Stainless-Steel Exterior Wall Light 2xGU10

Helsinki Up/Down Stainless Steel Exterior Wall Light 2xGU10

This gorgeous modern up-down exterior wall light is perfect for every home. It is minimal, serves the purpose also does not add excessive illumination to the space. That is perfect if you look for a gorgeous yet not too big light and don’t want the traditional outdoor lights. Get your hands on them to elevate your exterior home decoration.

Pillar Adjustable 2-light Exterior Wall Light Black 2xGU10

Pillar Adjustable 2-light Exterior Wall Light Black 2xGU10If you are not a fan of metal finish in exterior lights, then you will love this matte black finish wall light. It is small and perfect for every home that values black and minimal accessories. It gives a dispersed light, which is why it looks perfect outdoors.


You don’t have control over street lights, but you can always beautify your home with LED exterior lights. LED outdoor lights lead to brighter light and energy efficiency, reducing maintenance costs. In addition, using LED outdoor lights will enhance the beauty of your home and the outdoor space. It also keeps your home safe from invaders. Having a well-lit home makes it look happy and healthy as well.

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