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Choosing The Best LED Batten For Your Garage

LED batten is a famous and helpful solution when it comes to lighting in the garage. Choosing the right system to light up your garage is very important. Whether the purpose is to park the car, have a workshop, and many more, you need the right lights. When choosing the perfect LED batten for your garage, it is essential to understand the advantages of the lives. You will also have to know how they can help enhance the atmosphere of your garage. It is vital to be aware of the various available options. Experts also recommend understanding the multiple uses of LED battens that make it a perfect choice.

What is LED Batten?

C0563002 Guardian LED Batten

LED batten provides various benefits that include easy installation. They are uncomplicated and accessible during the installation process, and you can install them smoothly without stress or worry. The other various benefits might include:


LED battens will help enhance the aesthetics of the garage. They are very stylish when you compare them to the other lighting solutions that you might consider.

High-Quality Lighting

The most important benefit of the light is that the LED battens provide long-lasting, high-quality lighting. Most of the LED lights deliver over 25,000 hours of usage. It results in 10 years of use, and you rarely will require any replacement when it comes to these LED batten lights Australia. They are very reliable sources of light.

Replacement to Fluorescent Lighting

Most of the garages have old fluorescent tube lighting, and LED battens are a perfect replacement. This LED lighting is bright and reliable. It will also provide a modern and stylish look that will help in enriching the entire look of your garage. It is also cost-effective as you can use LED lights that are highly efficient in energy. Hence, LED battens to provide you with the dual benefit of saving money and being Eco friendly.

Uniform lighting

LED battens will produce uniform lighting. Hence, we will not have to worry about suffering from dim or dark spots in the garage. It is imperative to have consistent lighting in any room. They provide the same while also being free of any maintenance.

Things to Consider before Installing LED Battens in your Garage

There are quite a few considerations that you should take into account before choosing the perfect LED batten light for your garage.


The amount of brightness needed for your garage, there will be a specific voltage you will require to facilitate the knees. You should also consider multiple lives if the garage is oversized or for garages that need brighter lighting.

Size Of Fitting

The fitting size is significant as you will require getting yourself a light that will perfectly fit in the space without dominating the room and simultaneously provide enough light in the garage. You might also consider the colour according to your personal choice.

The size of the LED batten for your garage

There are multiple types as well as styles of LED battens that are available in the market. LED battens available in various widths are:

  • Slimline
  • Standard
  • Wide

You can also buy them in different lengths that range from 2 to 6 feet. Unlike the other rooms in your house, the garage light has to deal with water, power jets, or other materials that can impact and splash the installed lighting system. In such cases, it is vital to install IP 65 lights as you are an excellent choice for giving higher levels of protection against such water and foreign bodies. For lights that have a battery backup, emergency battens are the perfect solution.

The brightness you might need in your garage will vary based on how you want to use your garage. If it is for storing the car, then you might require a dim light or ambient lighting. However, if you use the garage as a workshop, you might prefer the brighter lights. On the other hand, colour temperature will depend on personal preference.

Products Available at Commercial Lighting

LED batten light provides homogeneous, spot-free illumination throughout many rooms. Users prized them for their remarkable energy efficiency. These lighting fixtures are low-maintenance and can last for five years or longer if users care for them properly. Installing LED batten lights makes it simple to create the perfect ambience in any setting.

Commercial Lighting is well-known for being the most original and creative manufacturer of high-quality LED lighting for indoor and outdoor living areas. When utilized for area illumination, our newest product line offers a classy selection of space-free linear lightings that are energy-efficient, robust, and stylish while saving you money on your monthly power bills. Their latest designs also provide you with fantastic value because there’s no need to sacrifice style to save money on an outrageous power bill!

Guardian LED weatherproof batten 1200mm Tri-Color Dual Power:

Guardian LED Weatherproof Batten

That LED batten light 1200mm is an LED weatherproof batten with a PC body and an open diffuser. It comes in three varieties of colours ranging from 4000 K to 6000 K. Moreover, it has IP 65 and a built-in LED driver. It is available in the colour white and is perfect for your garage lighting.

Mission LED batten 1200mm:

Mission LED Batten

This LED batten light with plug batten comes with a diecast aluminium body and open diffuser. It has an IP rating of IP 20 and comes with a central connection point. It is available in 5000 K cool white and is white. This batten light will provide the required Commercial Lighting Melbourne for your garage.


With the help of the above considerations and the list of products available, you can now choose the perfect LED batten for your garage. That will also help you make your garage look the best and provide enough lighting to work in your garage efficiently.

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