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Choosing the Right Size of Outdoor Wall Lights

Outdoor Wall Lights

Outdoor wall lights will help in making the outdoor spaces look warm, secure as well as beautiful. According to the requirements, the best outdoor lights should include motion sensors, daylight sensors, dimmers, and timers. These lights come in various shapes, styles, and sizes; hence, it is essential to understand the available features to make the right choice.

Things to Consider Before Choosing the Perfect Outdoor Wall Lights

Type of Outdoor Wall Lights

Flush Mount

Such fixtures are attached to the wall, and there is no space between the wall and the light. These lights best suit the comparatively more minor corridors and stairways where you need a lamp with a slim profile. It gives a very sleek and contemporary look.


Semi-flush mount outdoor lights have a base attached to the wall, while the other half holds the bulb on the outside. This way, there is little space between the wall and the light bulb. These are larger than flush mount fixtures and are available in various styles, like sconces and lanterns.


Many people use these lights for security reasons. They have a broad beam with a high-intensity bulb. These are not to be aesthetic, and you can use them for utility and safety. You can find the best floodlights at affordable prices by getting in touch with the wholesale lighting suppliers in Victoria.

Material and Finishing

The material of your wall light will depend on why it is needed.


Aluminium is affordable and robust. However, it might oxidize and fade with time. Aluminium finishing is not recommended for regions with salty air as it will lead to corrosion.


Copper is a high-quality option that will resist corrosion and comes with thermal conductivity, which will allow the heat to move out. Copper is strong and will lead to the development of patina that contributes to its beauty.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is an excellent contemporary choice, but you will have to clean it to keep its shine.


Plastic is best for safety lights where use is more important than the appeal. It is more affordable.

Type of the Bulb


These bulbs are shaped like floodlights and produce very bright light. They are priced low and will last for a year.


These LED wall lights are expensive but tend to stay for a long time. They are highly efficient and are economical in the long run. They are a popular choice in most situations.

Compact Fluorescent Lamps

CFLs are spiral-shaped and produce light with the help of an electric current. They will last for a long time and are highly efficient.


These bulbs produce light with the use of a wire filament. These are very traditional bulbs that the newer and more efficient options are phasing out.


Motion Sensing

You can turn these lights on when they detect movement. They are perfect for security systems at homes to detect intruders.

Dusk to Dawn Sensors

These bulbs detect light and not movement. The lights are automatically on when there is no sun and switch off when the sun is rising. They are a good choice when it comes to power conservation.


These lights conserve energy as you can schedule the operation. You can set the timer, and the light will come and go accordingly. The brightness of your LED outdoor wall lights will depend on the bulb. The brighter the bulb is, the light you will receive from the same.

The  LED Commercial Exterior Wall Lighting in Victoria is on looks and practical decisions. When you decide where you want to put out the light, you must ensure that the fixture is suitable for the area. The size of your outdoor lights should also be appropriate for the front door. For example, if you choose outdoor lanterns, they should be 1/5 the height and the weight of your doorway. For post lights, they should be as big as the light in your front door.

Your outdoor light should be compatible with the design of your house. Glass topped lanterns are an excellent choice for accenting the architectural elements that you have on or around your door. Open bottom fixtures will be a better choice for downlighting an area. Outdoor lighting will transform the look of your house if they match the style of your home.

The Best Classic Wall Lights Available

Cheston Classic Exterior Wall Light

This exterior wall light has an aluminium body with clear glass. It is weatherproof and is suitable for an LED globe. It is a lamp holder that will give an exquisite look to your space.

outdoor wall lights

Emily Classic Exterior Wall Light

This outdoor wall light is a lamp holder with a sleek design and stainless steel. It is suitable for an LED bulb and weatherproof, making it perfect for an outside space.

outdoor wall lights

Summer Classic Exterior Wall Light

This light comes with a very exotic look with hammered glass made of an aluminium body. It will provide a classic look to your home and add a particular aesthetic to the area. It is weatherproof and is a good choice when it comes to selecting an exterior light.

outdoor wall lights

Kelly Classic Exterior Wall Light

As the name suggests, this wall light will also provide a classy look to your area and is a lamp holder best suited for LED bulbs. It has clear glass and is weatherproof, making it a perfect choice for your outside space if you are looking for something elegant.

outdoor wall lights


With the help of the above considerations and the variety of options available, you can now select the perfect outside wall light and help in bringing the ideal aesthetic to your home. You can choose the ideal light according to your needs and wants. First, it is essential to 1st be clear on why you need an exterior light and what job you want your light to perform. Accordingly, you can select from the wide variety of classic wall lights that will fit perfectly in your outdoor space.

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