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Everything You Need To Know About LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights are the most convenient way of lighting up your home. They are flexible, and you can use them in multiple ways. They are easy to install. You can easily attach them to any surface, cut them short, and fit them wherever you want. Also, you can easily use them to light up a room brightly or use them to add an accent or a touch of light to the garden. You can easily find them everywhere, but you will have to consider many things before making the right choice of bedroom LED strip lights.

Different Types of LED Strip Lights

Several LED Strips Are Available

  • The standard LED strips to mean the ones with an adhesive that can stick to any surface. Ideally, you can place them where it is not directly visible during the day and when the lights are off. They are best for under cabinet lighting or for alcoves, etc.
  • Rope lights are slightly different. They are fully encased and are not adhesive, and you can easily tie them to / objects or hang them on a wall. They can come off as a little cumbersome.
  • Flex strip lights are closer to the standard strip lights as they design for stuck-down accent lighting. Flex strips are the best option for a place where you need to use strip lights that are also visible when switched off.

White vs. RGB

You will have to make the most common choice after deciding the LED strip light between RGB and white. The white led strip lights are plain shut lights and other options available depending on the color temperature that is either warm or cool that can be decided based on the placement of the LED strip light. The Kelvin (K) measures the warmth and coolness of the white light. The higher the Kelvin, the cooler the light, which means it is closer to blue. The lower the Kelvin, the warmer the light that means closer to orange. The light of your LED strip will vary based on the quality as well.

Another option is choosing an RGB LED strip with three light chips: blue, green, and red. The LED can create many colors when these three are combined. RGB LED will provide you with more room to customize your home. It will be helpful to set the mood accordingly. You can use them as a supporting light as well. There are intelligent lights available that can be connected to the TV and match the screen color. When choosing between white and RGB, you have to decide if you want an authentic cool or warm white color or if you want multiple options and colors.

The Brightness of The Light

Choosing the 24v LED strip lights that provide you the brightness you want, depending on where you place them, is essential. The intelligence is measured in Lumens per meter for the LED strip, determining the shine it provides. A light that is of high quality should have 1500 lumens per meter. LED strip lights with less lumen will not be as bright as you would want.

The density of diodes also impacts the brightness that comes from the LED strips. The higher the density, the brighter is the light. A standard density light strip has 30 bulbs per meter. You can go up to 350 LEDs as well. In a lower density, the light might appear as spotted.

Correct Power Source for Your LED Strip

You will have to consider two things while choosing the power source for the lights of the super bright LED strips. It is essential to get the correct voltage that will match. You also need to check the consumption of the LED strip lights. You will get the wattage that consumes per meter or the total wattage. And based on that, you can choose a power supply that will provide the required amount plus some more to reduce the chance of overloading. The density of the light will also have an impact on the power supply needed.

Installation of LED Lights

The exact measurement of the LED light is critical; you can trim the excess out of your LED strip light. Before installing the LED strip light, make sure that the surface is dry and clean for proper installation of the light. A damp and unclean surface will not be ideal for adhesives.

The Best Products Available When Looking for Good Quality

LED Neon Strip

LED Strip Lights

These lights are bendable and are available with tails on both ends that make the other part easier to reuse. You can cut it according to the size you need. They are available in 3 meters and 5-meter rolls. Moreover, they come with clips and a bendable track that makes the installation easy. They are perfect for adding aesthetics to any space.

LED Ultrabright Strip

LED Strips Lights

As the name suggests, this provides a bright light that you can use to light up any space. It has a high-performance LED that is not free and can cuts accordingly. Also available in 3 meters and 5-meter rolls, this is perfect for indoor lighting and can be used in driveways.


This post is all you need to know about commercial lighting in Melbourne. Before choosing an LED strip for your space, it is essential to consider the above factors to make the right choice. The products mentioned are of the best quality and can select according to the requirements. It would help if you gave importance to the color temperature, wattage, brightness, and factors before choosing a light. With the help of the above explanation, you will now be able to make the correct choice, make your space look aesthetic, and add the required brightness.

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