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Everything You Need to Know About Track Lighting

The track light is such a word that people nowadays use to sound modern, sophisticated, and urban. Go on visiting one of your favourite art studios, parlour, and boutiques. You are assured to come across specific aesthetic track lighting

For people unaware of this form of lighting, track lights are mainly ceiling lights highlighting different points. They are customizable when in place, and they attach to the ceiling.

In track lights, they highlight essential features in a home or a particular place. They are a perfect way to empathize with artwork, photos, or unique architectural elements or illuminate a dark corner.

There is no limit to customizing track lighting. Here are a few things you must know before buying or customizing track lights

What are Track Lights?

It first started to make its mark back in 1961. Track lighting is a lighting method where users use light fixtures to attach anywhere on a continuous track device that contains electrical conductors. That is, in contrast, to directly routing electrical wiring to individual light positions.

You can use the track lights to light up every space from a large dark room to a productive industry such as an art gallery, studio, boutique, and beauty shop. There is no specific function or place for track lighting.

The most commonly used track lights are straight track that mounts directly to the ceiling. The second type of track light uses a curved or custom-designed path.

What are The Different Types of Track Lights?

It comes in various styles, from decorative and aesthetic accents to industrial designs.

There four Main Types of Lighting Heads Include:

  • Round blackhead: It has a rounded back and works great with modern design.
  • Pinhole head: Industrial appearance with an exposed back, making it a deal for art galleries and other functional needs.
  • Step head: Simple and standard design that works with most tracks and structures.
  • Gimbal head: Has a camera light appearance that is functional.
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Track Lighting Finishes and Styles:

Common Materials for Light Fixtures Include:

  • Metal – Most track lights are metal like chrome and aluminium, making the light lightweight yet elegant.
  • Plastic – Some track lights are made with plastic to match your home interior. Manufacturers generally made the body and the holder of plastic. Such lights are not high voltage.
  • Frosted glass – Frosted glass is also getting used in the body of the track light to make it more attractive.
  • Fabric – Some limited edition pieces also come with a fabric cover to the spotlight body. That makes it customized and elegant.

Popular Track Fixtures Include:

  • Black powder-coated – A matte black finish is what most of the track lights come with it.
  • Brushed nickel – The nickel colour makes the track light more attractive. In such a finish, the paint is not even the brush strokes blending black, and nickel colour makes it look amazing.
  • White powder-coated – This type of finish is matte white in colour and texture.
  • Oil-rubbed bronze – A shiny bronzed finish also looks traditional and brings in the aesthetics.
  • Polished chrome – Shiny chrome or silver finish is in demand nowadays.
  • Brass – The brass finish is ideal if you like old utensils or the traditional interior

Why do People Love Track Lighting?

Commercial Lighting | Thunder Spot Track Light 3-wire Black 15W

Track lights are quickly becoming one of the most popular home lighting options. Most of the house owners who are currently using track lights love the elegance and the flexible features of the spotlight. This lighting arrangement offers your home or office great functional and design benefits.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Track lighting can change the traditional look of the house or office space and turn it into an elegant looking, aesthetically beautiful, and unique corner. It can add the essence of art and beauty and make the corner look minimalistic, contemporary, and photogenic. It can make one take lots of pictures, and the place’s ambience will go real high fast.

Plenty of Powerful Lighting Options

There are always plenty of other lighting options available. If you are fond of subtle ambient lighting or prefer a powerful light source, you will not be disappointed.

You can add more fixtures to the track to flood a space with bright light. Some use LED bulbs to save on electricity costs. One can also use warmer or cooler light temperature bulbs to set the ambiance in a room.

Easy to Install

Track lighting is effortless to install nowadays. You can buy it from your nearby electronic goods outlet, and it will save your money on installation costs or make it a DIY project.


It gives you flexibility as you can move it to anywhere in your office room or your house and attach the track lighting anywhere you want them to be. You can also adjust the light fixtures to focus light on different places in a room. You can also move here and there the spotlighting to your needs when the day is dark or cloudy.


Track lighting is moveable as you can adjust it on our house or office’s ceiling or wall. That can make your place more open and spacious. If you have a cozy home, track lights are the best option as you might be interested in saving up some space and do not have much area to spoil by using traditional lamps.

Track Lighting Components

Track lighting has a few different components you will need to select to create your lighting setup:

  • Head– This portion is the most visible one. It holds the light and also the configuration required to get the connection.
  • Track This is the holder of the head. It helps to move the head in any direction you want.
  • Light Bulb Generally, technicians fit the light bulb within the head. The bulbs are small in size.

Available Products

Mater GU10 Spot Track Light 3-wire Black:

Commercial Lighting | Mater GU10 Spot Track Light 3-wire Black

Manufacturers made the body of aluminium. The spotlight structure is slim, and it is a replaceable globe with a GU10 lamp holder. It has a 3-wire track adaptor specifically designed for indoor use only. It has a swivel that is 360d and has a black finish. The size is – DIA60mm L155mm, IP Rating is – IP20. If you want to lighten up your living room, dining hall, and other rooms in your house, this is the perfect light that you must choose. If you want to search for this light, try to search for the spot light near me. Then, you can visit our official website and buy this best light.

Thor Spot Track Light 4-wire Black 22W:

Commercial Lighting | Thor Spot Track Light 4-wire Black 22W

It has an aluminium body with durable commercial-grade construction, and a built-in LED with the driver and is available in 3000K warm white. Manufacturers made it for IP20 indoor use only. Furthermore, it has a 360d swivel, and you can dim it whenever you want. It is available in optional cool white. The Power is 22w, Lumen – 2080lm, input – 240V/50H, CCT – 3000K warm white, CRI – >90, and the size is – DIA95mm L140mm, and IP Rating -IP20.


The track light is the modern-day solution. Both the living and industrial areas need to look elegant and presentable. So track lights have become a saviour to places like art studios, boutique shops, beauty parlours, and modern aesthetic-themed cafes and restaurants.

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