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How Far Apart Should Step Lights Be Placed?

When you are installing new lighting, an important question is how far apart they should be. It is very important to keep in mind where you place the lights and how far apart they are to get adequate coverage from the light. Experts always advise that each step light has a distance of 18 inches at the least in between each to ensure proper dispersal of light at each step.

Three Basic Step Lighting Options for Placement

In The Step Itself

You can place the individual lights horizontally or vertically as well. It is not very necessary in step lighting. However, it is better to space the lights so that there is the proper glow and no dark spots that you can see. Stairways and interior level use the step lights not only for decorative purposes but also to ensure proper safety. Outdoor step lights help in increasing. The safety aspect also helps in supplying up-to-the-minute convenience and dramatic accents. Floor lighting levels are uncommon; however, they can also add a decorative appeal to the stairway.

On The Staircase Wall

Wall sconces are located high up on the wall, so there is no possibility of “head bumps,” and it also has enough illumination to light up the entire distance. Three small sconces will also be visually pleasing than one last sconce. Choosing bound lighting on stairways is another way to light steps and is also very effective in calling attention to a level change from the room. You can carefully place the fixture and ensure that you mount the same in a way that helps in extending the light as far as possible.

You can use the wall-mounted lights for interior staircases and for decorative and functional purposes to light the entire stair. It is often sufficient to place one night or four steps. You can get in touch with the best wholesale lighting suppliers in Sydney to buy these staircase walls.

Bannister Lighting

An up-and-coming option for stairway lighting is to install decorative rope lighting or strip lighting. The rope or strip will add a focal point in the dark. However, it might not provide the focus required to ensure stair climbing.

Factors to Consider Before Step Lighting

Several Stairs

The number of installed stairs will determine how far apart they should be placed. You can install step lights to provide a safer way for people to navigate their homes during lowlight conditions. Installing supplies might end up causing more harm if there are not many appropriate spaces between them.

Height of The Stairs

You can consider the height of the stairs and the type of flooring when choosing step light fixtures. You can carpet the stairs that will require you to install step light fixtures that face it closer as the step lights will not be able to cast as much light on the carpet area.

Types of Stairs

The stairs made of wood or concrete should install step lights closer to each other as they are non-reflective. It will help you to see more clearly when it comes closer together.

Dim Your Step Lights

It is very important to make sure to install step light fixtures that we demurred so that they can be turned up or down during the dark. You should also install stair lights at every third stair.

Products Available

203S Square LED Step Light

Step LED Lights

It is an LED step light with a stair light and white finishing. Moreover, it has a die-cast aluminum body with an Opal diffuser. It has an external LED driver and has a slim panel design. This makes it easy to install. It is available in warm and cool white. Also, it is available in 5000K cool white and 3000K warm white. It is available in satin nickel and light white as well.

303R Round LED Step Light

Step LED Lights

It is an LED step light used for stair lighting. Furthermore, it is made of a die-cast aluminum body with an Opal diffuser. It is very easy to install and available in warm white. Additionally, it is available in black, white, and satin nickel. Along with providing proper lighting, it will also add aesthetics to your house.

316S Square Designer LED Step Light

Step LED Lights
A 316S LED step light with a silver finishing and a stair light. It is available in warm white tones, is made of a die-cast aluminum body, and comes with a silver reflector. Moreover, it has an external LED driver too. It comes in silver and white colors to add the perfect aesthetic.


There are a lot of practical considerations that need to be taken regarding the size and shape of the lines that you choose in step lighting. Decisions like battery-operated lights or hardwired lies will also affect your choice. You can also choose LED step lights outdoor that is integrated with smart technology. LED step lights are a great investment. They add an aesthetic to your space like hallways, staircases, stairs, etc.

A staircase that is lit up with the help of an LED will be customized accordingly. They are small devices that are easy to fit on floors and walls to provide the required lighting. Multiple designs are also available to find something suitable for yourself. With the help of the above considerations required before purchasing step lights and after knowing how far apart they should be placed, it will be easier for you to select the appropriate products.

The products mentioned are high-quality products that are available at reasonable prices. Hence, after doing the proper research, you can go through the product categories and select applied for your home to add safety and aesthetics to your space.

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