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What are the LED batten lights?

LED batten lights are lighting fixtures that provide uniform, spotless illumination throughout many rooms. The best feature of the products is that they are remarkably energy efficient. Compared to fluorescent tubes, LED batten lighting fixtures can save users up to 40% on energy costs. Both indoor and outdoor variants of these lighting fixtures are available. You can utilize them as linear illumination when you use them in conjunction with LED tubes. LED lights have become more lightweight in recent years, and any person can now install them with just two screws.

You can select LED batten lights according to the following:

The Angle of the Beam

The degree of breadth produced by light from a source professionals refers it to as beam angle. In other words, it’s the angle formed by opposing points on the beam axis at which intensity can range from 50% to 100%. LED batten lights are available in a broad range of beam angles. For example, a floodlight has a wide beam angle that fills an area with light. A spotlight, on the other hand, is a pinpoint of light with a restricted beam angle. The light fittings distribution, ceiling light, and the right intensity in particular regions are essential to consider when choosing a beam angle for ceiling light.

Colour Rendering Index (CRI)

Each batten light has a CRI rating. The Colour Rendering Index (CRI) measures a lighting fixture’s ability to distinguish between different colours. As a result, when choosing a batten light, look for a CRI of at least 80, which indicates natural colour.

The Durability of the Light

Another crucial element that you should consider is the life expectancy of the batten light. These lighting fixtures have a lifespan of 30,000-50,000 hours and can last up to 10-12 years, which is significantly longer than fluorescent lighting. The heat sink that you utilize to transfer heat away from both the LED driver and the chip affects the longevity of these bulbs. Dimmability and the availability of an intense heat sink are two main aspects that contribute to the sinks’ longevity.

The Quality of LED Chips

The LED chip determines the performance of a LED batten light. As a result, you’ll need to concentrate on the LED chip type in your lighting fixture. Chips of more outstanding quality have a longer lifespan and degrade less in light output and quality over time. However, if you want a high-quality LED chip, you’ll have to invest more money. As a result, thoroughly inspect the LED chips before burning them.

Dimmability of the LED Batten Lights

The quantity of light present in a space significantly impacts its ambience. You can use dimmable batten lights to regulate it. Also, you can make the best use of Dimmable LED batten lights to control the lighting. Moreover, you can also use a dimmer switch to adjust the quantity of light. The batten light’s power, on the other hand, reduces. The difference between high-quality LED batten lights and low-quality LED batten lights is that the latter has a lower power supply, lower lumen output, and a shorter lifespan. That is the primary cause behind the substantial price variation between LED batten lighting models.

How to install LED Batten lights?

You must assemble the lighting fixture by pushing the two mounting clips into the LED batten. You might come across a snapping noise when you are completing the fixture. Then, using two self-tapping flathead screws in each mounting bracket, secure this lighting fixture to the desired location. Connect the leader cable to the male plague of the first LED fixture. You might hear two clicking noises. Remove the end caps from either side after you have done that. Continue to place the fixtures, but make sure both male and female plugs are connected. To get around all sorts of corners, separations, and problems, use jumper wires as needed. After that, use wire nuts to connect the black and white wires of the AC line to leader cables wires of the same colour.

Products Available

Guardian LED Weatherproof Batten 1200mm Tri-Color Dual Power:

Guardian LED Weatherproof Batten

This LED ceiling batten light is weatherproof with an Opal diffuser. It comes in actual colour and ranges from 4000K to 6000K. Moreover, it has switchable dual power and is IP65 with a built-in LED driver. It also comes with a microwave sensor version. So it is perfect for garage use.

Mission LED Batten 1200mm:

Mission LED Batten

This LED batten comes with a die-cast aluminium body and an Opal diffuser. It has an IP20 rating and is LED 36W with a built-in LED driver. It also has a central connection point and comes in a 5000K cool white and 3200 lumens.


LED batten lights to provide homogeneous, spot-free lighting throughout many rooms. Manufacturers prized the LED batten lights for their remarkable energy efficiency. These lighting fixtures are low-maintenance and may last for up to 5 years or more if you properly take care of them. Installing LED batten lights makes it simple to create the right ambience in any setting. Commercial Lighting takes pleasure in being the most original and creative wholesale lighting supplier in Sydney of high-quality LED lighting for both indoor and outdoor living environments.

When used for area illumination, the product range offers a stylish selection of spot-free linear lightings that are energy-efficient, robust, and attractive while saving you money on your monthly power expenses. The newest designs also provide you with fantastic value because there is no need to sacrifice aesthetics to save money on an expensive power bill.

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