Address: 72 Link Drive, Campbellfield, 3061 VIC, Australia

A mix of free-standing homes, townhouses & apartments can be seen among the landscape with panther downlights illuminating their way through it. It’s bathed by the moon as it hangs in the sky that never sets over Melbourne, while panther downlight bulbs cast their glow on walkways at night and HANO wall-mounted lights illuminate rooms with thunder track light fixtures illuminating ceilings from within.


The 23 unique residences were designed by Artisan Architects and feature understated elegance throughout, with downlights distributed through the space to offer an atmospheric effect that is sure to please visitors looking for luxury living at its best. The exterior does not just look good but there are also many benefits from its construction including downlight systems and CAN surface mount lighting used throughout this project.


The interior features custom-made pendant lights and adjustable downlights installed to ensure the best lighting for your home throughout all hours of day or night. To top it off, LED strip use was incorporated on this property so that you can always have natural light flooding through your windows even when there is no sun outside!


The stylish 7010 tri-color downlight is the perfect way to compliment your interior design. Ideal for spaces that require a wider distribution of light, it provides a soft and pleasing effect on ceilings or other large surfaces. With its sleek silver exterior, it ditches that dated brass feels for something fresh and modern. Your house will never shine brighter!


These seven townhouses have incorporated panther downlight fixtures to give each one its own personal flair, as well as 25%, saved energy. A sleek design aesthetic and construction bringing new life to this mature inner-city suburb make for a bold, innovative project not to be missed.

Lincoln Square

Panther downlights have been incorporated into the design of both interior floors throughout their units as well as exterior lighting fixtures on balconies outside each unit’s windowed wall. With a sleek, modern design and Peddle Thorp’s signature sustainability touches such as LED lighting throughout the building in place of conventional light bulbs, energy efficiency has been a top priority.


Downlights were installed throughout the Alchemy apartment’s common rooms for an intentional accenting effect. Thunder Track Spot was also utilized to highlight specific areas such as artwork casually displayed on benches so that passersby need not strain their necks to see details from afar. No matter what type of project you have in mind, Commercial Lighting has a solution waiting for you.

The Grove

With natural light flooding through exquisitely detailed windows and doors, The Grove’s design brings together the warmth of timber with a contemporary feel in all its spaces – from the private balconies showcasing Victorian bluestone floors to stone-clad walls of guest suites at their most luxe or even by way of textured artworks hanging on gallery walls.