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Bollard lights are the perfect addition for any pathway and will illuminate a user’s way in safety! These post-style fixtures are typically two to four feet high, which will be reachable by most. Bollards’ unique project light horizontally and downward to cover walkways with necessary lighting while displaying a beautiful landscape of red flowers or blue waterfalls. They can also show colourful interactive patterns on the wall of an outdoor lounge at night for a party atmosphere. These beauties come in either round, square shapes, U shaped bollards and different heights with varied lumens intensity, so they perfectly fit nicely into a user’s world!


What are bollards?

Many people use the term “bollard” generically to refer to all bollards. However, not all bollards are created equal, and users should customize them to the environment and task. A normal bollard is an outdoor lantern designed to provide the best lighting possible and more of a floodlight look. They have existed for at least 200 years, and some people even consider them parts of street furniture. These stainless steel lights typically have several bulbs that can provide any amount of light a user requires. They are generally yellow but come in a variety of colours. They are also interesting because they have a longer lifespan than most exterior fixtures. The right bollards can be more than simple décor or protection. They offer many opportunities to increase the value of a user’s home and safeness as one of the safety products available in the market.


What are the types of Bollards?

There are many kinds and an array of different types of bollard lights available for sale that a user can buy for various purposes and benefits like safety bollards, parking bollards, decorative bollards and bike lanes bollards. Some bollards are suitable for different conditions, and users may purchase others for a particular purpose or use. There are the standard bollard lights, the slimline bollards, and the reactive bollards. They also range in the features and the functions they offer, like hot dip galvanised, safety yellow powder coated finish bollards or solar power and LED Bollard lights. The powder coated lamps come in various styles, including bollard lights with no base, bollard lights with a top or bottom mount design. Some versions address the purpose of the lamp, like the emergency blackout Bollard lights. Moreover, bollard lights stock a range of shapes of bollards such as stainless steel, in-ground bollards, surface mounted bollards, removable bollards, and permanent bollards.  


How do Bollard Lights work?

Users often install these removable bollards in residential or business areas. They usually consist of a lower light to illuminate the pathway around the fixture and an upper lamp that directs light down to the ground. Instead of providing bright illumination to a specific area, they shine more to an entire neighbourhood by spreading the light out over a wider area. They can be mounted above the ground or set on the ground about three to five feet high.


Why should a user get Bollards?

Bollard lights are an essential part of house security when a user positions them strategically in the areas and the landscapes around a user’s house. That is because they can illuminate pathways, gardens, and other places around a user’s home. Therefore they can improve visibility at night or restrict access, which can help a user to avoid accidents, criminal activity and trespassers. At the same time, Bollards are versatile as they can be used for both interior and exterior lighting and are essential to improving a user’s home facilities, shape, style and asset protection. People can also use them in shopping centres, wheel stops, fuel stations or public spaces. They can help create clear visual barriers for drivers or help to direct traffic away from sensitive areas and prevent access to restricted areas. They are flexible thanks to their universal mounting design specifications that help mount them almost anywhere. With both upper and lower bays, the bright white light produced is an excellent source of light.


Bollard Lights are ideal for parking lots, and other exteriors, these industrially styled versions of the classic flood light come complete with LED bulbs. Explore the two styles at our bollard shop and don’t forget to add them to your shopping cart: The traditional Bollard and the modern Bollard! As we have many years of experience in lightings and lighting products, we guarantee a high quality product, wide delivery and competitive price.