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As one of the leading providers of wholesale LED downlights in Melbourne, Australia, Commercial Lighting Australia is dedicated to providing only the best bulk LED downlight packages for businesses across the country. With that said, what is an LED downlight, and what makes them such an ideal choice for both the commercial and residential sectors alike?


What are LED Downlights?

Downlights are the perfect light addition to any home as they are dimmable, discreet and easy to install. They are used to brighten a specific space, inside the house, below the ceiling, or even everywhere you look. These energy-saving LED downlights offer a simple and functional update to your home with their meter cup made of aluminium and lamping and mounting accessories that you can change without difficulty. They can also be integrated into existing luminaires or used as decorative accessories with the option of using LED Lamping for selectable lighting effects. LED downlight product is the modern alternative to the traditional pendant light. They are suitable for any residential or commercial project with a contemporary design, high performance, and a small footprint.


How Do LED Downlights Work?

LED Downlights are a form of accent lighting that uses a reflector to distribute a concentrated pool of light below a ceiling fixture. When a user installs them in the proper position, the collection of light appears to float in the air under the shade. This unique effect makes LED Downlights extremely versatile lighting instruments for lighting designers and architects, from houses to hotels and up to any properties or assets. As one of the most energy-efficient and long life lighting sources globally, they are compatible with most standard sockets and electric plugs, making them easy to install in any existing application.


What Types of Wholesale LED Downlights Do We Sell?

As an LED downlights wholesaler in Melbourne, we offer many types of LED downlights. Each will have different performance characteristics for the fixtures themselves, ballast required, most common wattage, current draw at 12 volts, and most standard colours temperature. People call them by different names like recessed lights, flush mount lights, wall washers or downlights. LED Downlights also come with other styles such as a typical square downlight, circular, square flush mounts and surface mounts. Manufacturers designed them in the same shape and style as flush mounting pendant lights with traditional shades or glass bowl shades, making them a stylish addition to any room. They also come in a great variety of forms and stroke width sizes.


The Advantages of Buying Wholesale LED Downlights

LED Downlights have many benefits. They can illuminate the entire room with one switch. In many cases, downlights are cheaper and easier to install than the traditional box or recessed ceiling lighting fixtures. Down light’s low profile design means they would not interrupt your floor or window treatments.

Down LEDs emit a softer light than conventional incandescent lamps and CFLs while still providing an ambient glow. With integrated mounting systems, these durable fixtures hang straight down from their junction box without reams of cable snaking up into the ceiling like in old-fashioned ceilings; plus, you will enjoy the savings on long fuses that might be necessary to accommodate older types of ballasts.

Commercial Lighting Australia offers the best bulk LED downlights on the market. As a leading LED downlight supplier in Melbourne, our new products are certified and guaranteed with high quality, competitive prices, and responsive after-sale servicing on all bulk buy LED downlight orders. You can shop online at our store website and access a whole variety of wholesale LED downlight items or choose one of our nearest stores to you. You can also check our contact page and leave us a message, and we will be happy to serve you.