Address: 72 Link Drive, Campbellfield, 3061 VIC, Australia
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Mast Apartment

The MAST Apartment project, developed by Graceland and Loi Projects, is designed with your ultimate comfort in mind. The team at the Buchan Group ensures MAST becomes the home you always dreamed of with their professional management practices. All situated within a beautiful location – Brighton VIC this will be your next destination for one of a kind luxury living experience.

MAST bridges the gap between functionality and refinement by combining thoughtful design solutions to create an immersive experience of living – one where you spend more time doing what you love rather than waiting for it to happen. Wherever life takes you, MAST promises a home like nowhere else.

From top to bottom, their designs produce an environment that makes life better, easier, and more pleasurable. The stylish 7010 tri-color downlight is the perfect way to compliment your interior design. Ideal for spaces that require a wider distribution of light, it provides a soft and pleasing effect on ceilings or other large surfaces. With its sleek silver exterior, it ditches that dated brass feels for something fresh and modern. Your house will never shine brighter!

  • Location: Brighton, VIC
  • Year: 2020
  • Customer: Switch Electrical
  • Project: Apartment Lighting
  • Products: 7010 TRI-Color Downlight
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