Address: 72 Link Drive, Campbellfield, 3061 VIC, Australia
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Yarra Bend

Yarra Bend is a mixed-use development in Melbourne, Australia. The site has many impressive buildings and features including 2,500 dwellings (a mix of free-standing homes, townhouses & apartments), 20 000 sq m retail space with national supermarkets alongside specialty shops) and an educational facility from the Northern end. This 16-hectare area also includes green spaces like Yarrak River Reserve Park which brings nature to your doorstep!

A mix of free-standing homes, townhouses & apartments can be seen among the landscape with panther downlights illuminating their way through it. It’s bathed by the moon as it hangs in the sky that never sets over Melbourne, while panther downlight bulbs cast their glow on walkways at night and Hano wall-mounted lights illuminate rooms with thunder track light fixtures illuminating ceilings from within.

  • Location: Alphington, VIC
  • Year: 2021
  • Customer: Ane Electrics
  • Project: Apartment Lighting
  • Products: Panther Downlight, Hano Wall Light, and Thunder Track Light
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