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Which Light Is Right For You?

A spotlight will cast a narrow beam light, and it is usually not wider than 45 degrees. The beam of a spotlight is more concentrated and will be easier to control and point. On the other hand, a floodlight has a broader beam that can go up to 120 degrees. This works well when you want to illuminate a larger space while having the same lumen and wattage as a spotlight.

For highlighting specific points like objects for display, for example, wall art, architectural details or other features, it is better to use a spotlight as the direct focus of light will fall on the object on display.

Experts advise you to go for a floodlight when you want to illuminate larger spaces like stages, driveway, warehouses, or any area-wide and need wider light coverage.

When you plan the kind of Commercial Outdoor Lighting in NSW scheme you want to go for, the beam width in feet will help you decide.

Simply put, spotlights and floodlights are light patterns that indicate how light is projected. The narrower the light pattern, the further it will travel.

When it comes to this, floodlights and spotlights are on opposite ends of the spectrum. Floodlights are short, so you will need to use wide patterns to illuminate larger areas. On the other hand, the spotlights are designed to travel a long distance but in a narrower beam.

Spotlights vs Flood Lights


The spotlight is most commonly used by police and municipal vehicles. Police vehicles, in particular, have higher requirements for illuminating a narrow area from a greater distance to locate individuals or their destinations. On the other hand, a spotlight can be used on a variety of commercial types of equipment. Commercial locomotives also have spotlights installed in the form of a general utility light to assist in identifying obstacles that may be ahead of them; the spotlight will also assist in alerting upcoming pedestrians.

If you are driving a vehicle for agricultural purposes, you can use spotlights to scare away wildlife or spot them so you would not injure or kill them. It also aids in spotting obstacles that are difficult to see at night.

In general, anyone who drives at night can benefit from a spotlight since it improves visibility and reduces the risk of an accident.


Floodlights, like spotlights, are particularly useful in a variety of work light applications. They are frequent on slow-moving vehicles and vehicles that undertake nocturnal duties like roadwork, harvesting, or street cleaning. You can also find them in multiple unexpected areas where people are utilising them for various purposes. During fog, floodlights are useful in helping vehicles move. They also help illuminate the underwater areas and are commonly used in commercial boats for general night use and rescue operations.

Combining Both Floodlights and Spotlights

It is pretty usual to see floodlights and spotlights used together. These lights are commonly used as a locator, beacon, or tracking tool for any night job.

These combined light patterns allow the workers to do different tasks at the same time. For example, the floodlights will help the vehicles operate during fog and low visibility conditions, while the spotlights help them see further to spot any obstacle that may come.

To select work lights for commercial use, the first step to consider is the visibility required for the task taking place. 

Below are some of the best products that are available when looking for a floodlight for commercial use:

  • Sentry Single Black: This is a single LED flood light with a matte black finish and built-in LED and driver. It has a fast connection junction box and is waterproof with an aluminum body. It comes with a 100-degree beam angle. Sentry Single Brush Chrome is built to the same specs.
    Spotlights vs Flood Lights
  • Sentry Single with Sensor Black: Another model with sensor and the above specs. In addition to being an LED floodlight, it may be used as an outdoor light.  Also available in chrome: Sentry Single with Sensor Brush Chrome.
    Spotlights vs Flood Lights
  • Sentry Double Black: This LED floodlight comes with a black finish and has a built-in LED. It is waterproof and has an aluminum body with a 100-degree beam angle. Consider our Sentry Double Brush Chrome floodlights if you prefer chrome floodlights.
    Spotlights vs Flood Lights
  • Sentry Double with Sensor Black: This model is one of the best LED floodlights with sensor in our collection. All the other specifications match the above model. It is used as an exterior wall light and a led flood light because of its specifications that suit the work. Sentry Double with Sensor Brush Chrome is also available.Spotlights vs Flood Lights
  • Vector Flood Light 50W: These outdoor flood lights have a high brightness reflector and come in an aluminum body. It is adjustable for angle rotation and has a durable body with tempered glass. The light is waterproof and long-lasting while being reliable as well, suitable for multiple applications. Moreover, Vector Flood Light has high brightness and resistance towards heat as well. It comes with a high-quality chip and a built-in LED. The model is very safe as the aluminum body helps in reducing the heat. The same model is also available in 100W.
    Spotlights vs Flood Lights


The light beam matters a lot when choosing the perfect light, and with the help of the above guidelines and suggestions, it will make the work easier for you. You can choose which floodlight or spotlight best matches your application based on the criteria required. Consider opting for a combination of these two based on the job task that has to be done.  Because there are so many choices options to select from, you should start by writing down the requirements for your light.

If you find it difficult to remember the difference between a spotlight and a floodlight, keep this in mind: Spotlights illuminate a specific spot, while floodlights flood an area with light. That just might come in handy when creating your landscape lighting plan.

Are you interested in discovering your next lighting solution? Read our LED Downlights Buyer’s Guide for more information on what type of down lighting best suits your needs! Our buyer’s guide will help walk you through every aspect of selecting the right LED downlight for your home and business space.

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