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Your Ultimate Guide on buying LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights are gaining much popularity for homes. LEDs are known to be more efficient, longer-lasting, and brighter. In addition, LEDs can be easily programmed and don’t produce a lot of heat. LEDs are available in various forms, and LED strip lighting is a recently famous product. Linear lighting, also known as strip lighting, is an affordable solution for residential and commercial lighting. However, a lot needs to consider before choosing the right type of LED strip light. Before selecting the perfect LED lighting, you have to look into everything, from the LED to the length and brightness.

LEDs Per Length

It is essential to consider the number of LEDs’ led lengths. If you want a brighter output and a higher quality of light, you should go with the highest number of LEDs per meter. Different manufacturers use different measurements. Other factors will play a role in determining the quality of light and brightness. It is also essential to check how far apart the LEDs are to determine how light will produce.


LED technology has been improving with time and is coming up with better and brighter capabilities. The brightness you will require depends on the application of the LED strip lighting and your personal preference. The brightness of an LED is in lumens. Hence, the lumen and the LEDs per length will affect the quality of light and the LED strip’s brightness.

Color Temperature

Color temperature helps differentiate the shades of white color that an LED can produce. The temperature will decide how ‘cool’ or ‘warm’ the light appears. The cooler temperature is in Kelvin. Higher the Kelvin, cooler is the light, and a lower Kelvin indicates warmer tones.


It is also essential to consider setting up your LED strip lights. You can expose the adhesive and stick them on the clean surface for most of the strips. However, other installations can be a little more complicated as cutting, wiring, and mounting the stripes might be required. Therefore, before installing the LED strip lights in Australia, it is essential to check the total length of the steps you will need and prevent the other components like extra wiring and control of the LED strip lights. 


It is essential to consider the wattage as well. Before choosing the LED strips, you should also learn about the system’s wattage setup. The total voltage will help you determine the power you need and the amount of electricity you will use.

IP Ratings

Ingress protection is a standard rating that will help determine the level of waterproofing and dust resistance the LED can.

○ IP 33 – 

This IP33 is a standard LED strip. It is not waterproof and uses for indoor purposes like bedrooms, living rooms, cabinets, etc. 


○ IP 65 – 

This LED strip is coated with a heat shrink, allowing it not to go brittle when the temperature is low. 


○ IP 67 – 

This LED strip is water-resistant and protected with heat shrink and glue-sealed ends. They are an excellent choice for kitchen apps and bathrooms. You can also use them outdoors in driveways and paths.

It is imperative to keep your test in mind when looking for LED strip lights. It depends on the environment you want to create with the help of the LED strip lights. You can also mix different color temperatures and play around with multiple lights. You have the independence to choose a color that you think will look best. Natural or cool steps might also appear brighter than the warm white strips. Warm white does not always mean dim. All the color temperatures will be available in various intensities. Plus, it all depends on the lumen value.

Best Led Strip Lights Products

LED Neon Strip 3000K 24V 18W IP67

LED Neon Strip 3000K 24V 18W IP67

These LED strip lights are bendable, come in the tail on both ends, and are easy to use. It is available in a 3 m as well as a five-meter roll. In addition, it comes with easy installation clips and a bendable track.

LED Ultra Bright Strip 3000K 24V 18W IP44

LED Ultra Bright Strip 3000K 24V 18W IP44

These LED strip lights are bendable, come in the tail on both ends, and are easy to use. It is available in a 3 m as well as a five-meter roll. In addition, it comes with easy installation clips and a bendable track.

LED Strip 5000K 12V 9.6W IP44

LED Strip 5000K 12V 9.6W IP44

It is a high-performance LED light. Also, it is perfect for indoor settings and is very easy to install. Furthermore, it is ideal for bedrooms and desk areas. It is available in different color temperatures that you can choose according to your needs.


LED strips are very attractive in any space. It is available in various colors and lengths, which means that you can create anything you like with the help of its versatility. You can also use diffusers and Send mounting clips to add a different aesthetic. With the service of the above considerations and the options available, you can now choose an LED strip light perfect for your space. Of course, change the look of your face, and it has to be selected carefully; however, if you choose a brighter tone, you can always control it as well. Once you have decided what you need, you can choose the available products of the best quality, durable, and easy to install. 

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