Collection: LED Strips and Profiles

LED Strip full spectrum color available in Commercial Lighting.

Dot free, no dark spot COB type LED strip, color from 2200K golden yellow, 3000K standard warmwhite, 5000K standard coolwhite, dual-color warmwhite+coolwhite strip, single ture red, blue, green, ice blue, pink color. 

Available in 12V and 24V color, long running length in 5 meter to 10 meter.

Enrich with multiple type of aluminum channel, low profile surface mount type, low profile recessed type, dot-free deep profile, plaster pre-mount corner type, ceiling edge pre-mount type. All in 1 shop stop in Commercial Lighting.

Powered by 12V and 24V LED driver, available from 10W to 300W various type LED constance voltage power supply.