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LED Strip Extrusion 1708 Low Profile Recessed Mounted

LED Strip Extrusion 1708 Low Profile Recessed Mounted



The aluminum channel is used for LED strip light, its used for a case holder, which keeps the LED strip in place steady without dropping off the surface. In many case, LED strip can be fall off the adhesive tape at the back, due to the heat or weight after some time. Using this profile/channel, can holds the LED strip inside the channel without falling off.


By using the aluminum profile, this also helps the LED strip for heat releasing better, and thus the service lifetime can be extended even longer.


Depends on your type of application, there are surface mount profile and recessed profile. Surface mount profile is used for simple surface type, you can use the stainless steel clip to mount the profile, or simply screw through the profile back to the surface. Recessed profile normally used with pre-cut channel, and the profile is inserted in the channel with the flange across the channel. Recessed profile looks more integral with the surface.


In term of size, there are also slim shallow profile and deep profile. Slim profile is more compact, the opal diffuser is close to the LED strip and may see the dotted LED emits through diffuser. Using a deep profile, the light emit is more even, thus the light effect is smooth and clean.



- Aluminium extrusion for LED strip case

- Help to reduce LED temperature, increase heat release.

- Protect LED chips from damaging

- Opal diffuser for better light emitting

- Recessed mount installation, comes with stainless steel clips or direct fix to surface

- With end caps




Size: Width 17.7mm, With flange width 25mm, Height 8mm

Length: 3000mm

IP Rating: IP20

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